• ilan wiesel
    Associate Professor David Bissell, David is an ARC Future Fellow whose research draws on cultural geography and poststructuralist theories of mobilities to investigate contemporary social problems involving mobility, labour and technologies.
  • ilan wiesel
    Dr Ilan Wiesel, Ilan's research is focused on matters of social and economic inequalities in cities.Specific areas of interest include: housing affordability; social inclusion and exclusion of people with intellectual disability; the geographies of urban elites; and, inequalities in the spatial distribution of public urban infrastructures.
  • tim edensor
    Associate Professor Tim Edensor, Tim has been working on national identity, place identity, and geographies of light and dark and is currently researching urban materiality by exploring the geographies of stone in Melbourne.
  • Dr Libby Straughan, Libby is a Research Assistant on the project Mobile Working Practices and a cultural geographer with research interests in embodied, sensuous and emotional engagements with environments.

Honorary Staff

  • ruth fincher
    Professor Emeritus Ruth Fincher AM, Ruth is an urban geographer with interests in the production of social and spatial difference in the western city, and the ways that social planning attempts to influence this.
  • kate shaw
    Dr Kate Shaw, Kate Shaw is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow in Urban Geography and Planning. Her current research focuses on urban renewal in the 21st century.


  • Imogen Carr. The relationship between women's identity and place, exploring issues of power in everyday places through expressions of identity and experiences of encounter. Supervisors: Dr Ilan Wiesel and Dr Ellen van Holstein.
  • Elisabetta Crovara. Coworking spaces and the cultural effects of forms of coworking on regional urban centres and neighbourhood communities. Supervisors: Associate Professor David Bissell and Dr Rachel Hughes
  • Lyn Gallacher. The mobility politics of threatened tiny airports in regional Australia. Supervisors: Associate Professor David Bissell and Dr Celia McMichael.
  • Thea Hewitt. Thea is interested in cultural diversity and multiculturalism in Australia. Her research explores the settlement services and resources available to refugee and migrant groups in Melbourne. Supervisors: Emeritus Professor Ruth Fincher, Dr Nicole Cook and Dr Ilan Wiesel.
  • Fanqi Liu. Fanqi is an urbanist whose research interests include people-place relationships, urban development, and urban inequality. Fanqi's doctoral research focuses on the emplacing of food and its connections with cities in Australia. Supervisors: Dr Ilan Wiesel and Professor Lesley Head.
  • Talia Melic. Talia is an urban geographer interested in exploring how housing theories, practices and policies can contribute to social justice within cities. Her doctoral research examines mixed-income housing programs that aim to facilitate encounters based on reciprocity across difference. Supervisors: Dr Ilan Wiesel and Emeritus Professor Ruth Fincher.
  • Nida Mollison. Nida's doctoral research explores new forms of digital work that are changing the movement of people, goods and services in cities. She is interested in the kinds of intimacies and affects that are enabled and constrained by these working practices. Supervisors: Associate Professor David Bissell and Dr Ilan Wiesel.
  • Adam Moore. Adam is interested in big data, platform capitalism, evaluative infrastructures, and the changing nature of work. Adam’s doctoral research explores the relationship between on-demand gig-work and new ways of moving people, goods and services intermediated by digital platforms. Supervisors: Associate Professor David Bissell and Dr Ilan Wiesel.
  • Vickie Zhang. Vickie is a cultural geographer. She explores changing working-class life through qualitative methods and post-phenomenological theories of embodiment, with a focus on contemporary China. Her PhD project traces life after loss for workers affected by coalmine closures, looking at a mine each in Australia and China. Supervisors: Associate Professor David Bissell and Professor Mark Wang.