• peter christoff
    Associate Professor Peter Christoff, Peter is a political scientist whose research focuses on climate and environmental politics and policy, both in Australia and internationally.
  • jon barnett
    Professor Jon Barnett, Jon is a political geographer whose research investigates the impacts of and responses to environmental change on social systems in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • mark wang
    Professor Mark Wang, Mark is a human geographer whose interests include urbanisation in East Asia, development and environmental issues in China.
  • simon batterbury
    Associate Professor Simon Batterbury, Environment and development, political ecology of natural resources, sustainability and international development issues.
  • wolfram dressler
    Associate Professor Wolfram Dressler, Wolfram’s research examines human-environment relations within the framework of critical political ecology in conservation and development.
  • lisa palmer
    Associate Professor Lisa Palmer, Lisa is a human geographer who teaches and researches on socio-natures and environmental governance. Her research is focused on south-east Asia (particularly East Timor) and indigenous Australia.
  • rachel hughes
    Dr Rachel Hughes, Rachel is a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Melbourne. Her research examines questions of memory, justice and geopolitics, with particular reference to post-1979 Cambodia.
  • russell drysdale
    Associate Professor Russell Drysdale, Russell is a palaeoclimatologist specialising in reconstructing Earth’s climate history from geochemical signatures preserved in cave deposits.
  • david kennedy
    Associate Professor David Kennedy, David is a Physical Geographer who researches the impact of climate change on coastal landforms in Australasia and the Pacific.
  • ian rutherfurd
    Associate Professor Ian Rutherfurd, Ian’s research interest is in river processes and management, with a particular interest in fluvial geomorphology, including sediment transport, hydrology and hydraulics. He is heavily involved in State and National programs to restore the environmental conditions of aquatic systems.
  • barb downes
    Professor Barb Downes, Barb is an aquatic ecologist, with research experience in basic population and community ecology in both freshwater and marine environments.
  • michael-shawn fletcher
    Dr Michael-Shawn Fletcher, Michael is interested in the long term interactions between humans, climate, disturbance and vegetation at local, regional and global scales.
  • jill lancaster
    Dr Jill Lancaster, Jill is a freshwater ecologist with broad interests in the biology aquatic insects, their population and community ecologies. Particular interests lie in insect dispersal, trophic interactions and bio-physical coupling.
  • Amy Prendergast
    Dr Amy Prendergast, Amy is a palaeoclimatologist and archaeological scientist. She is interested in high-resolution climate and environmental reconstruction, human-environment interaction, and natural hazards.
  • Lesley Head
    Professor Lesley Head, Lesley researches human-environment interactions, focusing on the cultural dimensions of environmental issues. Current projects examine ethnic diversity and sustainability, the social dimensions of invasive plant management, and cultural responses to climate change.
  • Rebecca Runting
    Dr Rebecca Runting, Rebecca’s research combines economic instruments with spatial planning to achieve multiple conservation and development objectives in tropical forests and coastal wetlands.
  • Candice Boyd from the School of Geography at the University of Melbourne
    Dr Candice Boyd, Candice Boyd is an artist-geographer working on the geographies of youth engagement in regional Australia.
  • Dr Sergio Jarillo, Sergio is a social anthropologist working in Oceania, in the field of climate change adaptation among communities.
  • Dr Tobias Ide
    Dr Tobias Ide, A political scientist and geographer by training, Tobias studies the intersections between environmental change, peace and conflict. In the past, he has also worked on critical geopolitics, education, environmental politics and climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Very active Honoraries

  • Dr Adam Bumpus, Adam’s work focuses on the local development implications of flows of international environmental finance. He is particularly interested in how local development can be fostered through multi-scalar linkages and partnerships.
  • Professor Ruth Fincher AM, Ruth is an urban geographer with interests in the production of social and spatial difference in the western city, and the ways that social planning attempts to influence this.
  • Associate Professor Brian Finlayson, Brian Finlayson is a physical geographer with specialist expertise in geomorphology and environmental hydrology.
  • Dr Philip Marren, Philip is a fluvial geomorphologist with research interests in floods, floodplains and river management across four continents.
  • Dr Kate Shaw, Kate Shaw is an Australian Research Council (ARC) Future Fellow in Urban Geography and Planning. Her current research focuses on urban renewal in the 21st century.
  • Dr Ian Thomas, Ian researches in palaeoecology and environmental studies and uses using pollen analyses and archaeological investigations to research human impacts on natural systems and the responses of plant communities to climate change.
  • Professor Emeritus Michael Webber, Michael is a Professorial Fellow whose research combines formal social theory and large scale, survey based empirical methods to identify how peoples working lives are affected by international and social processes.


  • Ellycia Harrould-Kolieb. Ellycia's work explores the international governance of ocean acidification, particularly the institutional responses (or lack thereof) to this global problem. Supervisors: Associate Professor Peter Christoff, Dr Rachel Hughes and Dr Ove Hoegh-Guldberg (UQ).
  • Nick Parry. Renewable energy policy in the European Union. Supervisors: Associate Professor Peter Christoff and Professor Philomena Murray.
  • Lynette Peterson. Lynette's doctoral research is looking at 'official' and 'non-official' responses to the environmental effects of gold-mining in Victoria, from the 1850s - early 1900s. Supervisors: Associate Professor Ian Rutherfurd and Associate Professor Haripriya Rangan.
  • Alister Self. Alister's doctoral research focuses on the politics of global climate finance, with a particular emphasis on how norms have participated in constructing this burgeoning regime. Supervisors: Associate Professor Peter Christoff and Professor Jon Barnett.