• russell drysdale
    Associate Professor Russell Drysdale, Russell is a palaeoclimatologist specialising in reconstructing Earth’s climate history from geochemical signatures preserved in cave deposits
  • david kennedy
    Associate Professor David Kennedy, David is a Physical Geographer who researches the impact of climate change on coastal landforms in Australasia and the Pacific.
  • JHM
    Dr Jan-Hendrik May, Jan-Hendrik is a Physical Geographer interested in the links between Earth's surface morphology and Quaternary environmental change
  • Dr Sarah McSweeney, Sarah is a physical geographer who teaches and researches in coastal geomorphology. Her research focuses on the morphodynamics and evolution of estuaries and beaches in response to changing environmental conditions.
  • ian rutherfurd
    Professor Ian Rutherfurd, Ian’s research interest is in river processes and management, with a particular interest in fluvial geomorphology, including sediment transport, hydrology and hydraulics. He is heavily involved in State and National programs to restore the environmental conditions of aquatic systems.
  • Amy Prendergast
    Dr Amy PrendergastAmy is a palaeoclimatologist and archaeological scientist. She is interested in high-resolution climate and environmental reconstruction, human-environment interaction, and natural hazards.
  • Chloe Morris
    Chloe LeachChloe is a coastal geomorphologist and numerical modeler who is interested in the medium-to long-term behaviour of coastal environments.

Honorary Staff

  • brian finlayson
    Associate Professor Brian Finlayson, Brian Finlayson is a physical geographer with specialist expertise in geomorphology and environmental hydrology.
  • james grove
    Dr James Grove, James is a geomorphologist who uses GIS and field research to undertake research on riverbank erosion, arctic fluvial geomorphology, river condition assessment
  • philip marren
    Dr Philip Marren, Philip is a fluvial geomorphologist with research interests in floods, floodplains and river management across four continents


  • David Adams. David is interested in the effect of surface grain size distribution on sediment mobility in gravel bed rivers. Supervisors: Professor Ian Rutherfurd and Dr Jan-Hendrik May.
  • Mitchell Baum. Mitchell's main research interests are coastal dynamics and geomorphology, his current research project focusses on the historical and contemporary sedimentology of Western Port Bay. Supervisors: Associate Professor David M. Kennedy and Dr Sarah McSweeney.
  • Ellen Corrick. Ellen's research explores the precise timing and phasing of rapid climate changes that occurred during the Last Glacial period, based on evidence from speleothem palaeoclimate records. Supervisors: Associate Professor Russell Drysdale and Dr John Hellstrom.
  • Alissa Flatley. Alissa's doctoral research examines the geomorphology of small dryland streams in the Pilbara to improve the design and environmental values of mining river diversions. Supervisors: Professor Ian Rutherfurd and Professor Michael Stewardson.
  • Jinjuan Gao. Jinjuan is interested in sedimentary and geomorphologic evolution. Her research will explore sedimentary processes of sand dunes and their responses to climate changes and storms in Gippsland Lakes region. Supervisors: Associate Professor David Kennedy and Dr Teresa Konlechner.
  • Jonathan Garber. Jonathan is interested in the interaction between flood hydraulics, sediment transport and vegetation living in the river corridor. Supervisors: Professor Ian Rutherfurd, Dr Jon Olley and Dr Marco Ghisalberti.
  • Jay Gordon. Jay's research examines Southern Australia's climate response to millennial climate events during the last glacial period, using speleothems as a palaeoclimate proxy. Supervisor: Associate Professor Russell Drysdale.
  • Jiang Hong. Hong's doctoral research explores the relationship between river channel change and human's activity and livelihood in the river basin. Supervisors: Professor Ian Rutherfurd and Professor Mark Wang.
  • Hege Kilhavn. Hege's research aims to determine the hydrological impacts and precise timing of the 8.2 ka event in Europe from palaeoclimate proxy data, based on evidence from several speleothem records. Supervisors: Associate Professor Russell Drysdale and Dr John Hellstrom.
  • Timothy Pollard. Tim's research aims to improve our understanding of Quaternary interglacial climates over the past 800,000 years by decoding geochemical climate signals preserved in cave mineral deposits (speleothems). Supervisors: Associate Professor Russell Drysdale and Professor Jon Woodhead.
  • Runjie Yuan. Runjie's research focuses on the drivers and patterns of the development of shore platforms along the coastlines in Victoria, Australia. Supervisors: Associate Professor David M. Kennedy, Associate Professor Brian Finlayson and Dr Wayne Stephenson.
  • Dean Tobin. Dean is researching coastal morphodynamics, and is interested in the movement and distribution of sediment within Victorian beaches. Associate Professor David Kennedy and Associate Professor Daniel Ierodiaconou
  • Marion Peral. Marion is a palaeoclimatologist scientist, who is interested in Earth’s climate reconstructions, using geochemical proxy and especially clumped isotope in carbonates.
  • Supervisors: Associate Professor Russell Drysdale and Associate Professor Jon Woodhead