• Jon Barnett
    Professor Jon Barnett, Jon is a political geographer whose research investigates the impacts of and responses to environmental change on social systems in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Mark Wang
  • Professor Mark Wang, Mark is a human geographer whose interests include urbanisation in East Asia, development and environmental issues in China.
  • uma kothari
    Professor Uma Kothari, Professor of Migration and Postcolonial Studies with research interests in colonial and postcolonial representations of development, solidarity and humanitarianism, transnational migration, refugees and travel and environmental change and everyday life.
  • Associate Professor Simon Batterbury
    Associate Professor Simon Batterbury, Environment and development, political ecology of natural resources, sustainability and international development issues.
  • wolfram dressler
    Associate Professor Wolfram Dressler, Wolfram’s research examines human-environment relations within the framework of critical political ecology in conservation and development.
  • Dr Lisa Palmer
    Associate Professor Lisa Palmer, Lisa is a human geographer who teaches and researches on socio-natures and environmental governance. Her research is focused on south-east Asia (particularly East Timor) and indigenous Australia.
  • Dr Brian Cook
    Dr Brian Cook, Brian’s research explores the topics of water, risk, and sustainable development. The research is situated at the science-society interface. He explores the hidden power embedded in the knowledge that informs governance, most often relating to water and flood management.
  • Rachel Hughes
    Dr Rachel Hughes, Rachel is a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Melbourne. Her research examines questions of memory, justice and geopolitics, with particular reference to post-1979 Cambodia.
  • Michael Webber
    Professor Emeritus Michael WebberMichael is a Professorial Fellow whose research combines formal social theory and large scale, survey based empirical methods to identify how peoples working lives are affected by international and social processes.
  • Dr Jane Dyson, Jane works in the Indian Himalayas examining gender, work, youth and social transformation from the perspective of social geography, cultural anthropology and development studies.
  • Dr Ariane Utomo, Ariane is a demographer, working in the field of marriage and the family. Her core research and teaching outputs examine how the dynamics of social change relate to attitudes to gender roles, school to work transition, women's employment, marriage patterns, and the nature of inequalities and social stratification in Indonesia.
  • Dr Trent Brown, Trent's current research focuses on India's new agricultural skill development initiatives, and their impacts on rural development and youth livelihoods.
  • Dr Celia McMichael, Celia's research interests include international health and development (e.g. water/sanitation and infectious disease), human migration, and the health of refugees and displaced populations.
  • Dr Gillian Gregory. Gillian's research focuses on resource governance, extractive industries, and development, with particular emphasis on Latin America.
  • Dr Tim Werner. Tim is a spatial analyst and environmental engineer who studies the impacts of mining through the use of GIS, remote sensing and big data analysis.
  • Dr Vanessa Lamb. Vanessa is a human geographer researching human-environment interactions, international water politics, and political ecology of Southeast Asia.
  • A headshot of Olivia Dun smiling, with mid-length brown hair and a grey jacket.
    Dr Olivia Dun.
    Olivia is a human geographer with a background in environmental science, migration studies and international development. She conducts research at the intersection of human migration, agriculture and environmental change.
  • Dr Ana Carballo. Ana works on Latin America researching development ethics, social movements and environmental conflicts, particularly those associated to natural resources governance and energy transition.
  • Dr Tobias Ide. Tobias studies the dynamics of peace and conflict, the social impacts of environmental change, and resource governance in the Middle East, East Africa and more recently South and Southeast Asia.
  • Dr Annah Piggott-McKellar. Annah is a human geographer with a focus on climate change adaptation in small island states, specifically the planned relocation of low lying communities.
  • Dr Elissa Waters Elissa’s research examines the role of the state in governance for climate change and disasters in Australia and the South Pacific


  • Fandi Akhmad. Entrepreneurial Javanese migrants in Eastern Indonesia: A case study of Javanese migrant networks in the city of Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. Supervisor: Dr Ariane Utomo.
  • James Bond. The role of expert knowledge controversies in water governance and resource management. Supervisors: Dr Brian Cook and Professor Lee Godden.
  • Isabel CornesIsabel's research explores perceptions of 'natural' hazard risks and (in)action in households, with an interest in how risk information moves in communities. Supervisors: Dr Brian Cook and Professor Lesley Head.
  • Nadia Degregori. Nadia's research explores water and mining governance issues in the Andean region within a critical political ecology framework. Supervisors: Dr Vanessa Lamb and Professor Anthony Bebbington.
  • Andrew Deuchar. Andrew's research examines the experiences of young men that have migrated from rural to urban areas in north India in pursuit of education and work. While acknowledging the hardships that migration encompasses, my work gives emphasis to the profound social changes that youth are forging in this process. Supervisors: Dr Jane Dyson and Professor Craig Jeffrey.
  • Nikolaus Gerold. Nikolaus' doctoral research examines the role of youth in social and political change in North India from the perspective of Cultural Anthropology and Social Geography. His interests lie in youth cultures, political temporalities, social atmospheres and aesthetics. Supervisors: Dr Jane Dyson and Professor Craig Jeffrey.
  • Soe Soe Htway. Soe Soe's research examines the impacts of Foreign Direct Investment at the local level, and the broader implications for rural development of Myanmar. Supervisors: Dr Celia McMichael, Dr Vanessa Lamb, and Associate Professor Wolfram Dressler.
  • Carolina Mayen Huerta. Carolina is interested in analysing the disparities in access to and the quality of public open spaces in Mexico City and their effect on subjective well-being outcomes. Supervisors: Dr Ariane Utomo and Dr Ilan Wiesel
  • Chenchen Shi. Chenchen is interested water and environmental management. Her current research examines industrial water use behaviour in China. Supervisors: Emeritus Professor Michael Webber and Professor Mark Wang.
  • Elena Tjandra. Elena is interested in the geographies of extraction, everyday life, and contamination. Her doctoral project explores experiences of living with largescale silver mining in Oaxaca, Mexico. Supervisors: Professor Anthony Bebbington and Dr Vanessa Lamb.
  • Tessa Toumbourou. Tessa Toumbourou's research explores gender, livelihoods and land use change in rural East Kalimantan, Indonesia. Supervisors: Associate Professor Simon Batterbury and Dr Wolfram Dressler.
  • Pia Treichel. Pia's research is a critical examination of the reach and impact of international climate finance via the Green Climate Fund and whether it is benefitting the most vulnerable. Supervisors: Professor Jon Barnett, Dr Celia McMichael Professor Andrew Walter and Dr Svenja Keele.
  • Gisselle Vila Benites. Gisselle's research explores institutional change and the political ecology of natural resources. For my PhD, I examine the influence of political settlements in the formalization of artisanal and small-scale mining, comparing the cases of Peru and Colombia. Supervisors: Supervisors: Professor Anthony Bebbington, Dr Vanessa Lamb and Associate Professor Simon Batterbury.
  • Wenjing Zhang. Wenjing is currently working on the relationship between water availability and urban development, with a focus on how to provide water resources for the new city of Xiong'an, located outside Beijing, and how it will use water resources for urban planning. Her research interests include sustainable land use and sustainable urban water management. Supervisors: Professor Mark Wang and Professor Emeritus Michael Webber.
  • Yue Zhao. Regulation and effects of 'organic' farming in the Danjiangkou source area. Supervisors: Professor Mark Wang, Dr Sarah Rogers.
  • Nahui Zhen. Nahui’s research investigates public trust in the institutions managing drinking water quality in Shanghai, China. Supervisors: Professor Jon Barnett, Professor Michael Webber and Professor Mark Wang.
  • Zali Fung.  Political ecology and the politics of contentious water infrastructure projects in Southeast Asia, focusing on the Salween River Basin and the Thai-Myanmar borderland. Supervisor Dr Vanessa Lamb.