The Culture, Place, Politics cluster develops dynamic understandings of the social, cultural, economic, and political processes that transform places. Individually and collaboratively, our research highlights multiple relations, scales, and times through place-based geography.

We develop novel cultural geographic explanations of socio-spatial change through a focus on practice, performance and everyday life to draw out the connections between structural forces and everyday practices in place. We are committed to methodological innovation through participatory, artistic and creative research methods and outputs. Our research strengths are in understanding:

  • The politics of place through geopolitics, prefigurative politics, micropolitics, and biopolitics
  • Place-based practices associated with work life, domestic life and recreation
  • Embodied difference, especially in terms of gender, ethnicity and generational difference
  • How cultures of place are shaped through a range of material and immaterial aspects, including natural and built elements, affective and sensory engagements, and digital and in-person encounters.

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