Research in the Climate Change and Society cluster pushes the frontiers of knowledge about the risks of and responses to climate change. Our climate change research is unique in the ways in which it spans the natural sciences, spatial sciences, social sciences, and humanities, and is unified by a commitment to responses that are fair and sustainable.

Focussing mostly on Australia, Asia and the Pacific, our research strengths include understanding past, present and future impacts of climate change on:

  • Landscapes, and in particular on coasts, islands, water resources, and vegetation;
  • Social systems, and in particular on communities, human settlements, livelihoods, peace, population and migration, and well-being;
  • Culture, and in particular on identity and heritage.

Our research is also committed to informing institutions and policies to manage the risks of climate change in ways that are fair and effective, including research on adaptation to sustain and enhance individual, community, social and cultural well-being and on reducing emissions through energy transitions and land use change.

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