• barb downes
    Professor Barb Downes, Barb is an aquatic ecologist, with research experience in basic population and community ecology in both freshwater and marine environments.
  • michael-shawn fletcher
    Associate Professor Michael-Shawn Fletcher, Michael is interested in the long term interactions between humans, climate, disturbance and vegetation at local, regional and global scales.

Honorary staff

  • jill lancaster
    Dr Jill Lancaster, Jill is a freshwater ecologist with broad interests in the biology aquatic insects, their population and community ecologies. Particular interests lie in insect dispersal, trophic interactions and bio-physical coupling
  • ian thomas
    Dr Ian Thomas, Ian researches in palaeoecology and environmental studies and uses using pollen analyses and archaeological investigations to research human impacts on natural systems and the responses of plant communities to climate change.


  • Joseph Alexander. Joseph is interested in reconstructing past environments using lake sediments. His research focuses on the response of the Southern Hemisphere westerly wind belt to past climate change in Tasmania. Supervisor: Associate Professor Michael-Shawn Fletcher.
  • Handoko Wahjudi. Handoko is interested in developing scientifically informed, multi-disciplinary methods of river regulation and ecological restoration - his doctoral research studies the effects of dams on river hydrology, geomorphology and the population dynamics of stream insects. Supervisors: Professor Barbara Downes and Dr William Bovill.