Glaciers and Ice Sheets in a Changing Climate


Glaciers and Ice Sheets in a Changing Climate

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Ice sheets and glaciers are undergoing exceptional changes, causing sea level rise and affecting water and food security for millions of people. However, in some cases and particularly in Antarctica, we do not know whether observed changes are unprecedented, and to what degree humans are responsible. This seminar will describe new results from Antarctica that provide insight into the rates, magnitudes and mechanisms of ice sheet thinning that may occur in a future warming climate.

Professor Mackintosh will show video footage from Antarctica that illustrates how field work is carried out. He will also describe recent changes in New Zealand glaciers, and will explain how New Zealand and Antarctic climates are linked via regional climate variability, and anthropogenic climate change.

The seminar will finish with a discussion of some of the key results from the recently published IPCC Special Report on Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate, which Professor Mackintosh contributed to as a lead author.


  • Professor Andrew Mackintosh
    Professor Andrew Mackintosh, Monash University