Co-Researching with Young People with a Disability


Co-Researching with Young People with a Disability

Yasuko Hiraoko Myer Room
Sidney Myer Asia Centre


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T: 0390358413

This talk draws on the research project ‘Living life to the fullest’ which involves a co-researcher group of young women living with life-limiting and life-threatening impairments. The talk will begin with a short film in which the co-researchers talk about the importance and process of co-research. The lecture will then tease out the potential of co-authoring, the circulation of power in co-research, and the importance of responsive social theory to incubate co-research. The lecture will consider co-research as a quintessential posthuman practice.

The event is hosted in an accessible venue and the lecture and discussion will be captioned. Please get in touch with Ellen with any access concerns and requests via the booking form.


  •  Georgia  Katsikis
    Georgia Katsikis , Facilitator
  • Dr Paul Ramcharan
    Dr Paul Ramcharan, Associate Professor
  • Dr Karen Soldatic
    Dr Karen Soldatic, Associate Professor
  • Dr Anna Arnstein-Kerslake
    Dr Anna Arnstein-Kerslake , Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Claire Spivakovsky
    Dr Claire Spivakovsky , Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Dan  Goodley
    Professor Dan Goodley, University of Sheffield