Artist in Residence in Geography Linda Tegg: A Work in Progress


Artist in Residence in Geography Linda Tegg: A Work in Progress

Yasuko Hiroaki Myer Room
Sidney Myer Asia Centre


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Hands are curious. They sense, create, reinforce and betray our intentions. Historically, the artist’s hand has been privileged as a conduit from spirit to material – the revealer of truths. Across artistic movements, they have appeared, disappeared and gone to extreme lengths to cover their tracks.

Geographers have identified a role for artists in the communication of their practices. In the area of environmental change research for instance, images may help illuminate for the public what lies behind the graphs and figures. Considering common practices of image making, School of Geography Artist in Residence, Linda Tegg, suggests that it might be worthwhile to look at what our hands are doing.

Throughout her time with the School she has been focusing on observational and embodied practices of geographers. She and the panel will discuss images and experiences from their field of research that problematise how our images are made and understood.


  • Dr Sangeetha Chandra-Shekeran
    Dr Sangeetha Chandra-Shekeran, Deputy Director
  • Dr Timothy Edensor
    Dr Timothy Edensor, Principal Research Fellow
  • Dr Kyla McFarlane
    Dr Kyla McFarlane, Curator of Academic Programs (Research)
  • Dr Russell Drysdale
    Dr Russell Drysdale, Associate Professor
  • Associate Professor Lisa Palmer
    Associate Professor Lisa Palmer, School of Geography
  •  Linda Tegg
    Linda Tegg, Artist in Residence