Thinking With Hands – Linda Tegg Geography Artist in Residence

The inaugural Geography Artist in Residence Linda Tegg has given her final seminar showcasing the works in progress which she has collectively dubbed Thinking with Hands.

The event displayed Linda’s engagement with themes of sensing climate, geographical practice and reading place that have been the central concerns of her practice while at the School of Geography. Linda for the first time shared her multiscreen installation works and photography that has been her medium for artistic exploration while an AIRG. Drawing on work with Paeloclimatologist Russell Drysdale, Peter Kamstra’s work on rock platform risk and Lisa Palmer’s research in Timor-Leste into customary governance helped Linda to consider practices of sensing and place making with respect to affective understanding of landscape and emergent environmental change. Joining the above academics in speaking to the work in relation to geography and art were Dr Sangeetha Chandrashekeran, Dr Peter Christoff, Dr Timothy Edensor and Dr Kyla McFarlane from the Ian Potter Museum of Art.