Geography Arts Panel Conversation: On Seeing and Being Seen

Date: 22 November, 2017

Geography grapples with many forms of visual representation. We often look at the work of human and non-human others and the traces they leave in the landscape. We use photographs. We reduce complex patterns of behaviour to abstract graphs and diagrams. But, embedded in our practices, we rarely step outside ourselves to reflect about how we and our practices might be seen and understood by others.

Since the start of this year, our School has had an Artist in Residence, who has been reflecting on what she has seen us do. Linda Tegg works with photography, performance, video, and installation to investigate the contingent viewing conditions through which we orient ourselves in the world. Her work has been extensively exhibited internationally and currently she is collaborating with Architects Barracco+Wright as Creative Directors of the Australian Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Biennale, Venice, 2018. She is a Lecturer in Creative Practice at Deakin University.

Linda will talk about her work-in-progress, focussing on practices of observation across the School. She and a panel will open a discussion within our School about the relationships between visual representation and geography, and more specifically, about what art might bring to and add to geographical thinking.

Joining her on the panel will be:

  • Professor Lesley Head conducts research interrogating cultures of nature and the cultural dimensions of climate change. She is the Head of School of Geography at the University of Melbourne.
  • Associate Professor David Bissell is a cultural geographer concerned with mobilities and employment futures.
  • Dr Candice Boyd is an artist-geographer with a background in clinical psychology.
  • Chairing the Panel will be Associate Professor Peter Christoff.