Therese Francis - 1971

I completed my major in Geography in 1971.

I have fond memories of our Geography group and of our many excursions. The one that stood out was to the Grampians with Dr Jack Massey. We stayed at the Mountain Grand Guest House and after hard days hiking, surveying land and soil and identifying rock and vegetation we rewarded ourselves with a party each night. Bleary eyed each morning.

It was here I fell in love with the beautiful mountains of the Grampians.

After a long hike we all wanted to finish, I remember Jack looking at us without mercy and drawling in his yankee twang “OK people, Mt Difficult.” We used this line ever after to motivate ourselves to continue on in very trying times – exams included.

Some of us had a hair-raising ride home in Jack’s jeep as there was a violent thunderstorm and we got caught in live power lines on the road. However Jack took charge and calmly drove out of hell. And a good time was had by all.