Murray Wilson - Staff 1960s

I was delighted to receive an invitation to attend the 50th  anniversary of the founding of the UoM's Department of Geography. Even although  much water has passed under the bridge since I was appointed to a lectureship  in that Department late in 1959 I still have many happy memories of the several  years I spent there and the many good colleagues I was fortunate enough to work  with (Tom Perry, Victor Prescott, Geoff Missen, Geoff Robinson, Ian Coghill, Arthur Wilcox, Ken Double, etc., etc.). And of course, as one of the very  earliest PhDs in Geography (in 1965, second only to Wong, I think), I suppose I must also count myself fortunate for I can't imagine that my subsequent academic career would have been half so prosperous without that qualification.

For all those reasons I would very much liked to have been able to attend at least the Dinner. Unfortunately however, that will not be  possible. I shall, of course, be thinking of those Melbourne days when  you gather at University House (of which I also have very pleasant memories!!). Should the opportunity arise, I would also be glad if you could offer my  apologies and convey my best wishes for the future to any of the gathering  - former colleagues or students - who might have cause to remember me.

Kindest regards,
Murray Wilson

PS: As I remember it, when I arrived in the Department in mid-January 1960 I was welcomed by John Andrews, Arthur Wilcox, Ken Double and Ian Coghill and immediately dropped into the Departmental teaching  program that March. As JA had been there for several months at least by that time, I always reckoned that the Department must have been formally founded during 1959 and therefore celebrated its 50 yrs at the end of  2009. But I guess the records must show that we were not a formally established  independent unit within the University's academic structure until 1960. Or have  I completely lost count of the years?