Michael Sofer - 1987

I received my PhD degree from Melbourne University in 1987. I  arrived in Melbourne due to a major condition: Doing a PhD on an area as far as  possible from Israel and a place I have never visited before. I finished by  completing a thesis under the title: “Uneven Development in Fiji: A Critical  Approach to the Core-Periphery Paradigm”. The staff member who supervised me  was Geoff Missen to whom I am deeply indebted for the invaluable learning  experience gained from him.

I did enjoy the time in Melbourne where my family grew from one to  three kids. I keep in touch with a good number of current and ex-members of the  department. I hope that I paid off my debts more than somewhat to all those who  supported and assisted me, by introducing backgammon to their lunch times and  Damon Runyon to their literature.

I returned to Israel in 1988 entering into the Academic world. At  present I am an associate professor and head of the Department of Geography and  Environment at Bar-Ilan University. I am also serving as the president of  Israel geographical Association and head of the Commission on Local Development  of the International Geographical Union.