Jennifer Bolton - 1967

Hello fellow Melb Uni Geography students of the 60s!

I studied a Geography major as part of my Arts degree from 1965-1967. I have some great memories of those many hours spent with great friends in the Redmond Barry building.The most vivid memory is of an infamous field trip to Redmond Island when the ferry from Paynesville sank and our bedraggled group trudged through the muddy water to the bank and spent the next few day trying to dry our clothes.

Most of my friends went on to study their Dip Ed in 1968, but I got married in December 1967 and spent the following year teaching Year 11 & Year 12 Geography at the former Kilmaire College in Hawthorn. Several years of motherhood and home duties followed, then in 1976 I studied Dip Ed at the old Rusden College of Education. The following year I took up a full-time teaching position at a private girls school in Kew where I remained for the next 15 years and I am pleased to report that I taught Geography to every year level from Years 7 to 12.

I am really looking forward to hopefully catching up with some old friends at the Anniversary Dinner.

Kind regards,
Jenni Bolton (nee Fawcett)