Helen Collins - 1998

Thank you for the invitation to the Geography @50  reunion. You have organised a couple of terrific events. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend. Please accept my apology.

Ovens River and floodplain at Whorouly/Markwood

I thought members of the department might be interested in the above photo taken by my partner on Sunday afternoon, showing the Ovens River and floodplain at Whorouly/Markwood (the Snow Road is  partially submerged at the bottom of the image).

The foreground trees tell their own stories,  too. The white box on the right is probably over 200 years old and going  strong, providing habitat for the swift parrot. The stringybark on the  left died during the recent dry spell. It seems that red stringybarks are  unlikely to fare well in this district with climate change and many have died  in the last five years.

The hills on the left are the Murmungee basin hills  and on the right the hills around Myrtleford (under cloud is Mt Bogong and the  High Plains).

Regards to all,
Helen Collins