Candice Boyd - Current Student 2010

In 2006, a sociology lecturer at the University of Ballarat (where I  was lecturing at the time) put a social geography article published by Hester  Parr in my pigeon hole.  At the time, I  was a lecturer in psychology, new to the university, with interests in rural  mental health but no previous exposure to geographical research.  That single  act eventually led to the place where I am now – at the Department of  Resource Management and Geography at the University of Melbourne – pursuing a  second PhD.  I feel honoured to be a  first year PhD student, working with Rachel Hughes (an extraordinary  supervisor) in the 50th year of geography@melbourne.  If my first year's experience is anything to  go by, then I look forward to the future studies in geography might bring.

Following the single act,  I made contact with the geography department at the University of Glasgow.  From there, I formed what has now been a four  year collegial friendship with Hester – an enduring relationship that has had a  profound impact on my research in geography at the University of Melbourne.