Bill Stringer - 1960

I was in the first  group to enter the new Geography course in 1960.  I had begun in my Arts  degree in 1959 with the old major starting with Geology 1B in 1959 and we were  then transferred over to Geography 2 with the new department in 1960.  So  it is with great disappointment that I have to say that I shall be an apology  for the Geography department's anniversary dinner.

Having taught  Geography in high schools from 1963-1972, being Chief Examiner for Matric/HSC  Geography 1974-1977, being a member of the GTAV (Geography Teachers Association  of Victoria) committee from 1970-1980 and President from 1972-1975 and now Life  Member, Geography has been a major part of my life for my whole career in schools,  higher degree study and teacher education.  You may not be aware that the  GTAV had its 50th anniversary celebrations last year and a history of the GTAV  was published at that time.  The close link between the beginning of the  Geography department during 1959 for the start of the 1960 year and the  beginning of the GTAV was highlighted.

I hope that the  dinner is very successful and would like my apology noted.  I send my  greetings to all my friends and colleagues.

With my very best  wishes and my thanks to Ruth Fincher for the invitation,

Bill Stringer