Anne Marsden - Staff 1960s

I was interested to see the article in Voice.unimelb today, and  amazed to realise it is 50 years since the Geography Department started.

This is to wish you a successful dinner and forum in October.

I joined Geography in 1959, at the planning stage, before  lectures began the following year. My appointment was part-time  secretary, part-time demonstrator (I was a Leeds geology graduate), and at  that stage there were 3 of us - John Andrews, Arthur Wilcock and me. John  Andrews and I were housed in a room upstairs in the Geology Department (now Old  Geol.), previously occupied by Dr Hauser, Geology Department, who had recently  died - hence the room being available. Arthur Wilcock had been on the staff of  Geology if I remember rightly.

We moved into the basement of one of the Physics building on  Swanston Street for a while, and then to space in Biochemistry on Royal Parade  (or was it the other way round!). Staff were being appointed: Ken Double, Bob  Smith, Ross Cochrane, and others as the year went on.

Eventually the move to the 8th floor of the Redmond Barry  Building with the numbers of students increasing rapidly. There were some  classes held initially on the ground floor of Geology, and there was a close  relationship with the Geology Department.

Well - good to indulge in a bit of nostalgia!

Regards and best wishes,
Anne Marsden (Anne Pendree during my brief time in Geography)