Field Trips

Field Trips

Field classes are an essential and stimulating component of our Geography programs at UoM. Many of our subjects include short field trips, but we are most proud of our longer intensive field classes in China, East Timor, Aotearoa-New Zealand, Tasmania, Arnhem Land, Western Victoria and Melbourne. From 2017 we hope to also offer classes in Africa.

These field classes provide our students with the opportunity to develop their geographical knowledge and to understand and analyse real world contexts. Our students develop strong cross-cultural skills and an awareness of diverse environments.

As capstone subjects, these field classes train our students in independent and group research methods in both human and physical geography.

For a glimpse into our field trips, check out this video by Chloe Vuong who has recently returned from the ENST20002 Environmental Change Field Class.

List of Field Class Quota Subjects
GEOG30025 Biogeography & Ecology of Fire/GEOG90027 Biogeography and Ecology of Fire PG
GEOG30007 China Field Class / GEOG90007 China Field Class PG
GEOG30026 East Timor Field Class / GEOG90025 East Timor Field Class PG
GEOG30023 Global Climate change in context/GEOG90026 Global Climate Change in Context PG
List of Subjects with Day Excursion
GEOG30027 Local Sites Global Connections
GEOG20001 Society and Environments