• russell drysdale
    Associate Professor Russell Drysdale, Russell is a palaeoclimatologist specialising in reconstructing Earth’s climate history from geochemical signatures preserved in cave deposits
  • david kennedy
    Associate Professor David Kennedy, David is a Physical Geographer who researches the impact of climate change on coastal landforms in Australasia and the Pacific.
  • philip marren
    Dr Philip Marren, Philip is a fluvial geomorphologist with research interests in floods, floodplains and river management across four continents
  • JHM
    Dr Jan-Hendrik May, Jan-Hendrik is a Physical Geographer interested in the links between Earth's surface morphology and Quaternary environmental change
  • ian rutherfurd
    Associate Professor Ian Rutherfurd, Ian’s research interest is in river processes and management, with a particular interest in fluvial geomorphology, including sediment transport, hydrology and hydraulics. He is heavily involved in State and National programs to restore the environmental conditions of aquatic systems.

Honorary Staff

  • brian finlayson
    Associate Professor Brian Finlayson, Brian Finlayson is a physical geographer with specialist expertise in geomorphology and environmental hydrology.
  • james grove
    Dr James Grove , James is a geomorphologist who uses GIS and field research to undertake research on riverbank erosion, arctic fluvial geomorphology, river condition assessment


  • Md. Abdullah Al Baky
    Md. Abdullah Al Baky. Md. Abdullah Al Baky’s research examines the development of avulsion channels in the Murray River floodplain, and the way in which river planform change drives the deposits across the floodplain.
    Supervisors: Dr. Ian Rutherfurd, Dr Philip Marren.
  • Rhiannon Bezore
    Rhiannon Bezore. Rhiannon’s research incorporates field and GIS work to study the geomorphology of the paleo- and modern rocky coasts of Victoria.
    Supervisor: Dr. David Kennedy.
  • Lynda M. Hanlon
    Lynda M. Hanlon. Lynda’s research examines the seasonal fluctuations and salt tolerance of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungal colonization in an exotic, invasive C3 sand dune grass, and a native C4 sand dune grass, in ephemeral, incipient sand dunes.
    Supervisors: Dr. David Kennedy and Prof Lyn Abbott
  • Sarah McSweeney
    Sarah McSweeney. Sarah’s research investigates the morphodynamics and processes of intermittently closed estuaries in Victoria, Australia.
    Supervisors: Dr. David Kennedy and Ian Rutherfurd.
  • nuosha zhang
    Nuosha Zhang.Nuosha's research seeks to quantify the local erosion around single logs with various configurations and sizes and the reach scale erosion associated with multiple logs with various configurations and distributions.
    Supervisor: Ian Rutherfurd.