• Jon Barnett
    Professor Jon Barnett, Jon is a political geographer whose research investigates the impacts of and responses to environmental change on social systems in the Asia-Pacific region
  • AB
    Professor Anthony Bebbington, Anthony (ARC Laureate Fellowship (2016-2022) focuses on the governance of resource conflicts surrounding the mineral industry and other forms of mining under conditions of climate change, with a focus on Latin America, Indonesia and Australia.
  • Mark Wang
    Professor Mark Wang, Mark is a human geographer whose interests include urbanisation in East Asia, development and environmental issues in China.
  • Associate Professor Simon Batterbury
    Associate Professor Simon Batterbury, Environment and development, political ecology of natural resources, sustainability and international development issues.
  • wolfram dressler
    Dr Wolfram Dressler, Wolfram’s research examines human-environment relations within the framework of critical political ecology in conservation and development.
  • Dr Lisa Palmer
    Dr Lisa Palmer, Lisa is a human geographer who teaches and researches on socio-natures and environmental governance. Her research is focused on south-east Asia (particularly East Timor) and indigenous Australia.
  • Dr Brian Cook
    Dr Brian Cook, Brian’s research explores the topics of water, risk, and sustainable development. The research is situated at the science-society interface. He explores the hidden power embedded in the knowledge that informs governance, most often relating to water and flood management.
  • Rachel Hughes
    Dr Rachel Hughes, Rachel is a Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Melbourne. Her research examines questions of memory, justice and geopolitics, with particular reference to post-1979 Cambodia
  • Dr Adam Bumpus
    Dr Adam Bumpus, Adam’s work focuses on the local development implications of flows of international environmental finance. He is particularly interested in how local development can be fostered through multi-scalar linkages and partnerships.
  • Michael Webber
    Professor Emeritus Michael Webber, Michael is a Professorial Fellow whose research combines formal social theory and large scale, survey based empirical methods to identify how peoples working lives are affected by international and social processes.
  • Jane Dyson
    Dr Jane Dyson, Jane works in the Indian Himalayas examining gender, work, youth and social transformation from the perspective of social geography, cultural anthropology and development studies.