Research leads to support for Mildura’s ‘hidden farmers’

Lesley Head, Olivia Dun and Natascha Klocker (University of Wollongong) are conducting research under the ARC Discovery Project “Exploring culturally diverse perspectives on Australian environments and environmentalism”

The research project is examining environmental knowledge of culturally and linguistically diverse groups in the Sunraysia Region given it is one of the most ethnically diverse rural areas of Australia. As a horticultural region, the focus of the research in the Sunraysia quickly turned to looking at migrants and refugees’ food growing skills. Through this process the researchers realised there are ‘hidden farmers’ in Australia; many newer migrants and refugees were farmers in their countries of origin and some even ran relatively large-scale farming businesses. Research findings presented at a workshop for government and community representatives in Mildura, Victoria during May 2016 have led towards the establishment of a Burundian community garden.


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Contact: Olivia Dunn